Bharat Agarwal

Update: Bharat graduated from DCU in October 2023, congratulations!

Title: Energy-Oriented and Quality-Aware Network Path Selection to Support Differentiated Adaptive Multimedia Delivery in Heterogeneous Mobile Network Environments

Supervision Team: Gabriel-Miro Muntean, DCU / Marco Ruffini, TCD

The existing various technology-based wireless networks provided by businesses, public institutions, etc. establish a perfect heterogeneous wireless network environment which can provide ubiquitous connectivity. Since mobile device owners are much of the time on the move and use them anywhere and anytime, energy efficiency is of paramount importance when delivering data to mobile devices in general, and in particular rich media content. Moreover, the users always prefer high quality content, which requires more energy to transmit and process. Consequently there is a need of a trade-off between quality and energy levels. This project will develop an energy-oriented mechanism to select suitable delivery paths for multimedia streaming services in heterogeneous wireless network environments in order to both save energy and maintain high levels of service quality.